Biofuels and Bioenergy

As the searchlight for alternative energy sources has been gaining momentum worldwide, the Energy Lab has continually demonstrated its active participation in the field. Research on biofuels and bioenergy is one of the principal areas of research in the Energy Lab. The group has been working on a wide range of waste biomass including lignocellulosic materials, municipal wastes and industrial effluents. The biofuels that are of significant importance for production in the Energy Lab are bio-oil, bioethanol, biobutanol, biogas and hydrogen.

The technologies and processes used in the Energy Lab for the generation of biofuels from waste biomass include both thermochemical and biochemical routes. While thermochemical conversion technologies include high-pressure supercritical water gasification and pyrolysis, biochemical conversion includes enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. The Energy Lab is one of the initial groups to be well skilled in the field of supercritical water gasification of biomass and its model compounds, for which several of its papers are highly cited and indexed in literature. In the similar context, the Energy Lab has demonstrated microbial production of biobutanol which is an advanced biofuel over ethanol from diverse lignocellulosic biomass varieties.