Miao Gong

Miao Gong

Ph.D. Candidate (Hohai University, China)

B.Eng. (Hohai University, China)
Tel: (416) 736 2100 ext 77597
Email: gongmiao.hhu@gmail.com


Mr. Miao Gong is pursuing his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering in College of Environment at Hohai University. He has been awarded a scholarship under the State Scholarship Fund to pursue his study in York Unversity as a joint Ph.D. student for 12 months. The awardee was selected through a rigid academia evaluation process organized by the China Scholarship Council. He obtained his B.Eng. degree in Water Supply and Drainage Engineering from Hohai University in China.

During his Ph.D. study, he has been focusing on converting waste biomass (dewatered sewage sludge) into biofuels (combustible syngas and bio-oil) by using Supercritical water gasification technology. Meanwhile, to ensure the treatment and disposal of waste biomass in an effective and safe way, to realize win-win in environment and renewable energy.  His research interests also reside in catalytic gasification of waste biomass in supercritical water to improve the hydrogen production efficiency.

His current research is gasification of several model compounds for sewage sludge in supercritical water, to provide a better understanding of the reaction process of real sewage sludge and proposed a possible mechanism to explain the interaction among various components of sewage sludge.

Research Interests

  • Bio-waste conversion of bio-energy.
  • Catalytic gasification of waste biomass in supercritical water.
  • Formation mechanism of persistent organic pollutants involved in the supercritical water gasification of bio-waste.