The Energy Lab

The Energy Lab, as the name infers, is related to comprehensive research in the areas of energy generation, conversion, analysis, kinetics and management. The group led by its founder andĀ principal investigator Dr. Janusz A. Kozinski, encompasses post-doctoral researchers, research assistants and visiting faculties. Formerly being recognized as The Combustion Group, the Energy LabĀ has evolved by comprehending numerous novel and advanced technologies for conversion of waste-to-energy, catalysis in waste conversion, thermodynamics and kinetic study, high-pressure waste conversion, and treatment of hazardous wastes in hydrothermal flames.

The lab group has excelled and gained widespread attention as one of the leading groups in biomass conversion to biofuels, biochemicals and bioproducts using supercritical fluids, and other thermochemical and biochemical technologies. The group also focuses equally on developing next generation nuclear energy reactors, fabrication of novel nanomaterials, Mars exploration, and bioterrorism security in public buildings. The group has published many highly-cited research papers and proceedings in reputed journals, and has represented itself in various prominent conferences and symposia worldwide.